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 Severe Sun Damage Reversed

I had severe wrinkling and discoloration from years of carel...[more]
Naples, FL Oct 18, 2011

 Avid Botox User

I go in for Botox usually about two to three times a year. I...[more]
Dallas, TX Aug 24, 2011

 Thermage Works

I had thermage at the recommendation of a friend after I was...[more]
Long Island, NY May 09, 2011
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The Patient's Guide
to Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation: The Art and Science of Beautiful Skin

Healthy, young-looking skin is part of feeling confident, beautiful, and fulfilled. Skin wrinkles, it develops brown spots, grows saggy and can have broken blood vessels. Age, environment, smoking, and perhaps worst of all, sunlight, all conspire to make our skin less beautiful. Luckily the science of skin has developed many new, exciting technologies which can repair aged and damaged skin. Skin rejuvenation is highly effective, on a range of budgets, and is extremely popular.

Treatment Options

Dermatologic research over the last decade has produced a vast array of options for people looking to improve the quality and texture of their skin. From lasers to injections like Botox®, devices which tighten skin with radiofrequency, light and heat devices, topical products, and medications, the range of treatment options is impressive.

The Patient's Guide® to Skin Rejuvenation

We provide information which is accurate, reviewed and comprehensive to people looking to improve their skin. The content of this website is edited and published by some of the leading cosmetic physicians in the world. As a Patient's Guide website, we are committed to the highest standards of medical accuracy and review. Please do note that no website, advertising, or word of mouth can replace the consultation with an expert physician and before making any decision on treatment, it is advisable to speak to your doctor first.

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